Jeffrey GoffoAt Jeffrey Goffo Construction we are very service oriented and always available to discuss your project and needs. Quality of work is of the utmost importance and is what separates Contractors from each other. As a project progresses, I try to find ways to streamline and cut costs, if possible, without jeapordizing the asthetics of the project. Customers sometimes have to make changes during the scope of the project whereby I discuss changes and always present any Change Orders in writing to the customer before proceeding with the work.


My father was a general contractor inChicago and would take me to jobs, starting out with a broom and slowly graduating to a small sledge hammer, tool belt and eventually an electric Skilsaw of my own. He told me to “treat every job like you are working on your own house”. This advice has served me well over the years living and working on these beautiful old houses we have in San Francisco.

Since 1978 I have lived and worked exclusively in San Francisco on many different styles of homes such asEdwardiansMarina styleearthquake cottages and many more. I know the local City codes and have worked with many SF architects on remodeling projects.