Jeffrey Goffo Construction is in the middle of a Notice of Violation job for a customer who bought their house in foreclosure (as is) 2 years ago. They were recently notified there was a NOV complaint by the Department of Building Inspection dating back to Sept 2007 for the previous owner. Until receiving the recent notice of an Abatement hearing they had no idea there was any problem with the San Francisco Dept of Building Inspection. I was able to meet with the SF district building inspector, SF housing department enforcement inspector, and procure an NOV correction permit over the counter. Through SF Records research, JGC was able to find a Certificate of Final Completion for previous work done on the lower level in 1994.

This problem stemmed from a inappropriate complaint from a neighbor in 2007 when an access door was installed in the existing garage door. Neighbor believed an illegal basement unit was being built and filed the bogus complaint. As the previous owner was in the middle of foreclosure, he did not disclose this issue to the new owner. I was able to install a new garage door and dryer vent and appear to be getting a final inspection next week.

MORAL of story: If buying foreclosed or “as is” properties, go to the SF building department and check for any Notice of Violations before closing escrow or you may find a problem like this on yuor hands!

  1. I was able to finalize the Notice of Violation permit that I previously discussed in the blog. The SF Building inspector filed a new Certificate of Final Completion (CFC) to clear the building of any possible abatement issues on this property. I notified the SF Housing Dept. inspector and he officially abated the violation.

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