J K.
San Francisco, CA

We had Jeff bid on replacing some old shingle siding with new backerboard.

I had a handful of other bids, but others seemed too good to be true or too eager to replace a lot more than I felt needed to be done.

Jeff’s was a good middle option.

We did find some minor water damage and that added to the final bill, but the work Jeff’s team did was quick and professional.

I would use him again for home improvements.

San Francisco, CA

Jeff Goffo and his crew are stellar!! My office was in bad need of an overhaul. I have known Jeff from Noe Valley for years and so I gave him a call to see what we could do. I had a week when the office was closed and wanted to try and squeeze the work into that short of a time and Jeff came through…huge! What I really liked about Jeff’s work was that he gave me a bid that covered everything. It was a worst case bid instead of a cheap one to get the ball rolling, and then drop a few thousand dollars of upgrades in after. I was actually able to add a couple of things as the job progressed and still came in below budget. The quality of work was fantastic! As a matter of fact it’s on display in my office. If you are considering having Jeff do some work for you, feel free to come and take a look at what he did. Talk is cheap…the proof is right in front of me. To recap…Jeff is great. His crew is professional and work very hard for him. Quality of work is incredible.

Ken M. San Francisco, CA
Jeff Goffo did a big remodel on our 1911 Edwardian home in 2002. It was a 7 month project, and he and his crew did a fabulous job! The job was completed on time, and the results are beautiful. Jeff and his staff really became a part of our family during that time, especially his foreman, Cesar! We are especcially please at how the "old" part of our home transitions in to the "new" seamlessly, it doesn’t look like "oh here’s the new addition" tacked on…… Jeff Goffo, Great Contractor, great guy……

Kristin L. San Francisco, CA
Jeff was recommended by a professional in the business whose name I won’t mention because he did so even though the company he worked for had a contractor that they wanted me to sign with. His reviews on Yelp were clearly outstanding and the references I talked to were also glowing. So that’s why I chose him. I’m giving him a 5 star review because all the things people are saying are true. He’s great to work with, excellent on communication, friendly but professional when it comes down to business and flexible (believe me, I added items every other day). If I drove him crazy, it didn’t show. His crew is the best! All of them with decades of experience, friendly and considerate. I felt comfortable having them around and they did things out of their way such as taking care of a sick plant I had. The finished rooms turned out great and I’m so happy about how it looks and how unstressful it ended up being. Jeff did a kitchen and 1/2 bath for my home and later I had him do some yukky work on a basement at a rental property I own. I will ask him to come back and remodel my master bath very soon.

BENJAMIN P. San Francisco, CA
I had the opportunity to work with Jeffrey Goffo Construction from January 2008 to July 2008. I needed to replace all windows in the attic of my house, and Jeff was recommeded by Beronio Lumber in San Francisco. I had no idea how good or bad Jeff’s work was going to be, but I was willing to take the risk because I had so MANY previous bad experiences with bad contractors, and I was in a mission to find a good general contractor for my house. During the consultation process, Jeff listened very careful, he paid attention to detail, and made some recommendations. Jeff has an excellent relationship with Beronio (as well as other lumber companies), so he worked directly with Beronio to ensure that the order was perfect, and no mistakes were made. Jeff’s work was pretty amazing. All the windows (5 windows) were replaced in 4 days, which included adding new frames for each new window, fixing the walls (the walls in the attic were in pretty bad condition). He also installed a new door for a new 1/2 bathroom in the attic, and he worked directly with another local lumber shop to build a custom door (my door size was smaller than the standard size, so it was challenging to find who can build the new door). Door installation was excellent, including the framing of the door. Jeff’s work was such a quality work that I decided to hire him for other jobs in my house: heater duct from basement to attic (very nicely done). He also installed and finished up new closet spaces in the attic. This was also a well done job. Jeff has an excellent group of workers, Cesar is the best, he is a master on everything he does, and he will not be done with the job until you are happy with it. Jeff quotes may be a little bit higher than other contractors. However, his work is superior, he does not waist time (i.e. the work is done on-time or even before), his employees always show up on-time, they always clean the area at the end of every working-day, and he saves you a lot of time because he works directly with the suppliers (i.e. Beronio). I feel I finally met an excellent, responsible contractor that I can use for any kind of project in my house. I plan to use Jeff’s services again next year to replace more windows and doors in my house. You can see pictures of the attic at http://www.zillow.com, 51 Prospect Avenue, San Francisco.

David M. San Francisco, CA
These guys are AMAZING!! We bought our home here in SF, and needed to do some minor updating to our tastes… Well these guys were great, really great! As we went through our long list of projects, there were able to bring this 1914 Edwardian back to life. The attention to detail, the thoughtfulness, the timeliness, and sticking to the budget, all well above what I have come to expect from a contractor anywhere… Jeff and his team will always have my business…

Carol C Alameda, CA
We got Jeff’s name from a friend and couldn’t have been happier with the quality of workmanship, the professionalism with which he and his crew approached our project and the timeliness of the work! Our remodeled kitchen and 3 bathrooms are a dream come true. They were responsive and performed all work with great attention to detail. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jeff for any project you have in mind.

L M Y. San Francisco, CA
After interviewing several (7? 8?) other contractors, we chose Jeffrey Goffo Construction and are so happy that we did! Jeff provided a detailed bid, more detailed than any other we received (some of which consisted of one line and one price. ???) The work: to replace an old, Brady Bunch/Flintstones-style stone wall with drywall, refacing our fireplace, installing hardwood floors, opening up a window to our kitchen with a bar counter, and putting in new kitchen cabinets and appliances. The job took about eight weeks, which is what Jeff estimated, and throughout that time he was always prompt with communication (email, phone, and several in-person meetings), open to discussions, and he kept excellent track of the progress and budget, including when we were due credit back for changes or when work turned out to be easier than expected. He has a fantastic crew – every last person that worked on our place (demolition, floors, electrical, painting, etc.) provided quality service. They also were easily available by phone whenever we needed them. We are absolutely thrilled with the final results, give JGC our highest recommendation, and Misael – we miss your singing! Thank you JGC for our beautiful "new" apartment!

Devon R. San Francisco, CA
Jeffrey Goffo construction worked on my house for over two months for a big job and were fabulous! The workers were on time ,worked hard and the quality of their work was the best (as attested to by other people in the trades who took a look at it). The workers were so pleasant and helpful (even helping me carry up my groceries) that I miss them now that they are gone. Jeff came by daily to supervise and help us with planning and decision making and he was always finding us ways to save money. His taste is excellent too, which came in handy when I needed him to pick up something on his own. I highly recommend this company.

susan l. San Francisco, CA
Jeff and his crew did some remodeling at my house. I redid my bathrooms. He was so professional and his crew was so easy to work with. You always hear horror stories about contractors and remodeling but he and his crew were efficient, professional, agreeable, and extremely talented. I would recommend Jeff Goffo Construction to anyone.

Keith F. San Francisco, CA
Jeff Goffo remodelled our Noe Valley home twice. A bath in ’95 then a major kitchen, master bedroom and office in 2000. All great work. On time. On budget. Wonderful crew. Good communication throughout.

J. P. Santa Rosa, CA
Jeff Goffo and his team remodeled our Noe Valley / Glen Park Victorian home. His entire construction crew was always a pleasure to work with and helped us build the home of our dreams. From excavating, building and finishing our lower level, designing a stairwell, remodeling our kitchen with an open floor plan and indoor/outdoor feel with a redwood deck. Jeff knows materials, knows San Francisco houses, and takes a pragmatic approach to working with the City and with your budget.